Excel VBA

Excel VBA Programming

Excel is the most used spreadsheet application in the world. In the hands of an experienced programmer its many built in features allows applications and reports to be built to an exact specification. We will work with you to design and develop an Excel based solution. If needed, we will help you to define exactly what you want to do. We will then deliver a first class, robust solution that can save you time and your company money.

Excel-VBA programming include but are not limited to:

  •   • Consulting;
  •     • Dashboards, reports, templates;
  •   • Forms;
  •     • Data sheet optimization, repair, visualization;
  •   • Inventory Tracking;
  •     • Advanced Excel VBA with SQL, Access;
  •   • Macro development;
  •     • Spreadsheet tuning;
  •   • Automate existing processes;
  •     • Data manipulation;
Saving Time and Money * With our expertise we can quickly develop and deliver your spreadsheet, potentially saving you both time and money. Robust / Tested Spreadsheets * All our spreadsheets are built to be robust, making it difficult for the user to accidentally corrupt the spreadsheet, and are extensively tested to ensure all formula are correct and they meets agreed specifications. Starting at $60 / hour (minimum 1 hour) .

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