Web Services

Server Management

The server/vps is a very important machine in any organization. This machine stores all the critical data pertaining to your business and also clients. The loss of data present on this machine can cause a huge setback to your business and also lead to loss of reputation. The only solution to keep such problems at bay and drive your company towards growth is by opting for server hardening and server optimization services offered by Rowebca. We have designed these services with forethought to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data present on these machines.
Server Management include but are not limited to :

  •   Server Security;
  •   cPanel/DirectAdmin setup/installation;
  •   Custom scripting;
  •   Software installations;
  •   Server tuning and configuration;
  •   Server troubleshooting;
  •   Automation;
  •   CPanel/DirectAdmin Technical Issues;
  •   System updates, compatibility checks;
  •   3rd Party Software Installation;
  •   and more...
Direct Admin Web Control Panel cPanel Web Control Panel
Monthly costs: $30 .